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Why Do A 1031

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Why Do A 1031

ADE 1031

Understanding Exchange Terminology

1031 exchange

Safety of Funds Triple Protection

funds protection 1031

Same Tax Payer Rule

tax payer rules

Partial Exchanges

partial 1031 exchanges

Know The Process

1031 process

What Are Like Kind Properties

like kind properties 1031

What Type of Assets Can You 1031

1031 assets

Why a Qualified Intermediary

1031 intermediary

How to Get The Most Out of Your 1031

getting the most out of a 1031

45 and 180 Day Requirements

timing requirements 1031

Qualified Use Test

1031 use test

Identification Rules

1031 identification rules

Distribution of Exchange Proceeds

exchange proceeds 1031

Top 10 Misconceptions

1031 misconceptions

Partnership Issues Drop and Swap

1031 partnership issues

How to Defer All the Tax

defer all the tax 1031

How to Pull Cash Out Tax Free

pulling cash out tax free

Related Party Issues

1031 related party issues

Handling Earnest Money

1031 handling earnest money

Reverse Exchanges

1031 reverse exchanges

Construction Exchange

1031 construction exchange

Converting Your Replacement Property Into Your Home

converting replacement property into your home

1033 The Basics

1033 basics

Non Allowable Exchange Expenses

1031 exchange expenses

How to Calculate Your Tax and Gain

calculating tax and gain

Instructions For Closers

closer instructions

1031 For Retirement and Estate Planning

retirement and estate planning 1031

Straddling Tax Year

tax year 1031