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At ADE, we are your
full-service 1031 expert.

What gives ADE the edge?

At ADE, we are your full-service 1031 expert. Through years of experience, we can offer our clients and their allied professionals a complete toolbox of choices and strategic solutions. Our goal is to always exceed our client’s expectations, both in innovation and service.

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The safety of client exchange funds is our primary concern.  We have taken additional steps to secure client funds by implementing our “Triple Protection” program to ensure the highest level of safety.  First, each client's proceeds are wired directly from the relinquished closing into a new segregated dual authorization account. Secondly, the bank requires the clients written authorization anytime funds are moved. Finally, a Qualified Escrow Agreement signed by all parties governs the exchange. This document legally distinguishes the client’s ownership of the funds and creates a firewall from any potential creditor claims.

Additionally, ADE uses banks with very sound ratings. Funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

We are currently using Axos Bank and Customers Bank because they have developed a program specifically designed to meet the Internal Revenue Regulations and provide the client safety measures outlined above.  They provide specialized services for 1031 depositors including direct 1099’s, and you receive a monthly account statement.


At ADE, we are known as an “expert to the experts”.  By offering accredited courses through the Ga. Society of CPA’s, the Georgia Bar Association and Georgia Real Estate Commission, we have trained hundreds of CPA’s, attorneys, brokers and investors on tax deferred exchange transactions. We have authored a comprehensive exchange manual, as well as over 30 articles for national, regional and trade publications. Our depth of knowledge allows us to create a unique strategy for each 1031 situation.


We have more than two decades experience working through thousands of exchange transactions.  Many of these transactions are more complicated in nature and are integrated into more comprehensive investor strategies.  We have worked with REITS and sophisticated investors throughout the United States.  Our ability to provide innovative solutions has been proven over time.

RESPONSIVE communication

We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and create a positive, professional experience with every 1031 exchange.  Despite the time demands involved in managing the many moving pieces in each 1031 transaction, we strive to always be available when our clients need assistance.  We are dedicated to serving you and earning your business or referral in the future.


With a high level of experience, over time we have developed a variety of unique solutions that resolve many 1031 challenges. Our top priority is understanding our client’s objectives and helping design strategies to meet them.  We are readily able to design an alternative course- tailor made to meet our client’s goals- if roadblocks appear.


The exchange process involves a number of documents and timely steps to successfully complete a 1031 exchange. A number of these requirements are time sensitive.  As part of our service, you will receive timely reminders about upcoming deadlines, a written acknowledgement when we receive your property identification letter, and a projection of the ending date of your 45-day and your 180-day time frames. Additionally, you will receive a courtesy letter stipulating the amount of proceeds we received and the amount of debt repaid (if applicable) so you can better understand your replacement requirements for total tax deferral. We will also review your settlement statements to help you achieve the best possible documentation of your transaction.  (Note: These additional services are provided as a courtesy and should not be solely relied upon. Each client should seek the advice of their tax professional.)